RL is best known for her super-omelettes, cheese souffle and ship-wreck pie.  She strives to provide organic 100 mile diet wherever possible and resources the amazing culinary delights and fresh meat, cheese, dairy and produce found in nearby St. Jacob's surrounded by Mennonite country.  Additionally, she prides herself in her own herb garden - of which, she picks fresh especially for your desired tastes. 


Other local delicacies include honey, jams and jellies that she is constantly on the look-out for in terms of grade and reputation.


Now, all of this is notwithstanding her wonderful baking.  This includes her Granny's award-winning recipe for banana bread, as well as, her beloved Mom's recipe for her famous date squares. It's easy to see, the apple does not fall far from the tree!


Sometimes, RL has a batch of her Mom's oatmeal, coconut, chocho-chippies in stock.


Just wait until you get a taste!



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