One of Stratford's finest B&B, with pool. 63 Avon St, Stratford, ON N5A 5N5 Call 519-305-4000 or 416-428-5755 Email:
One of Stratford's finest B&B, with pool. 63 Avon St, Stratford, ON N5A 5N5 Call 519-305-4000 or 416-428-5755Email:

Avonview Manor is conveniently located within a 7 minute walk to downtown restaurants and shops.

e.g. Pazzo, Bijou, Raja Indian, The Parlour, The Common, Keystone Alley, Pizza Bistro, Rene's Cafe, The Red Rabbit, Foster's, The Mercer

So much to see and do in historic Stratford on the Avon!

Enjoy cycling/walking around downtown Stratford and along the Avon River!

Or take a city walking tour:


Call Stratford Tourism at 1.800.561.7926

or visit their website to enquire:

Or perhaps you'd prefer to view the city from above with one of our Perth County Helicopter Tours:

Enjoy your flight!

You might opt to learn a new skill:

eg. Acting at our world-famous Festival Theatre School
-stained-glass/fusion *Enquire with RL.

-make-up (including Special F/X) *Enquire with RL.

-Factory 163 for back-stage arts: wig-making, welding,  milnering, costuming, etc.

Avonview Manor plans to host House Concerts from spring 2022...many of which will feature the manor's own Chef and Proprietor, Rhonda Lee (RL)!

Perhaps, you are specifically here to see Stratford's excellent theatre that features internationally-acclaimed talent at one of our Stratford Festival Theatres, including our brand-new Tom Patterson Theatre Grand Opening 2020! For bookings and other information:


Or learn fascinating Canadian history:

Perth Museum

Or visual arts and culture:

Stratford Art Gallery

Or maybe you want something over the top?

OLG Slots and Raceway, Woodstock, ON

Contact Us Today!

Rhonda Lee or Tony Read
63 Avon St.
Stratford, ON N5A 5N5

Phone: 519.305.4000/416.428.5755


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