One of Stratford's finest B&Bs, with pool. 63 Avon St, Stratford, ON N5A 5N5 Call 519-305-4000 or 416-428-5755 Email:
One of Stratford's finest B&Bs, with pool. 63 Avon St, Stratford, ON N5A 5N5 Call 519-305-4000 or 416-428-5755Email:

House Notes for the Saftey of Our Guests


*As we strive to maintain the hard-wood floors throughout our home, and as a result our stairs can be somewhat slippery with wax/oil.  To this end, we ask that our guests remove their outdoor shoes once inside.  We encourage guests to bring soft-soled house shoes (sneakers) or slippers for safe footing. Thank-you for this consideration. 


*We ask that all guests be considerate of one another in terms of noise levels while coming/going and of course during regular waking/sleeping hours of midnight onwards.


*Guest are asked to refrain from smoking/vaping, other than in designated areas. 


*Guests wishing to use the pool, are asked to sign a waiver prior to usage. Proper bathing attire must be worn in order to use the pool; again, as a matter of consideration to all bathers. Pool usage carries an additional cost of $20/day/user. 


*We ask that guests review their fire safety exits/floor plans at their leisure during their stay. These are found posted on each floor in the common areas. Please note that all suites are located on upper floors of our manor. There are no ground floor accommodations.  The minimum amount of stairs to guest suites number 17.  Third floor suites are an additional set of 12 stairs.


*Please let your hosts know if you have any special needs or allergies in advance of your stay, to ensure your comfort and best health standards.  Please note, that this waives all responsibility for allergic reactions to our friendly, resident animals/pets (Micco, Eira) and any other undisclosed allergies to the proprietor in advance of your stay.


*Please note - we ask all guests to return to the manor by midnight to ensure the safety and rest of all manor guests.







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